One of Nashville Hub’s services is to support communities through the process of adopting the Academy model. We have a panel of consultants who work directly with the schools and communities to guide them, utilizing their experiences and first-hand knowledge from Nashville’s own transformation.

Currently, Nashville is partnering with several communities:

  1. Independence, MO
  2. Louisville, KY
  3. Racine, WI
  4. Cleveland, OH
  5. Rockford, IL
  6. Jackson, MS
  7. Shakopee, MN
  8. Akron, OH
  9. Hampton, VA
  10. Greater Clark County, IN
  11. Lexington, KY
  12. Bowling Green, KY
  13. Warren County, TN
  14. Belton, MO
  15. Vicksburg, MS
  16. Detroit, MI
  17. Romeo, MI
  18. Detroit Lakes, MN
  19. Center Line, MI
  20. Elk Grove, CA