Our Professional Development and Trainings


The Nashville Hub can customize trainings as needed for success in implementing implementing career academies.

Project Based Learning

This training teaches how to design transformational instruction units. Through this approach students will demonstrate mastery by applying the content standards to create authentic products. The two or three day training is designed to mirror the experience of a project. The training will specifically discuss how to unite academy teachers—both CTE and general education instructors together to collaborate to create meaningful interdisciplinary projects. Read more here.

Teaching on the Block

Teachers—individually and in teams—will overcome many of the challenges of teaching in the modern classroom. From building a toolbox of instructional strategies to working in content (or interdisciplinary) teams to develop and deliver high-quality instruction aligned to standards, teachers will learn to maximize every moment of classroom instruction. With a focus on creating depth of skill and content knowledge through scaffolding and chunking, using proven organizational tools, transitioning with ease, integrating technology for student engagement and assessment, and accessing a variety of learning modalities, the trainer will lead teachers toward mastery of the instructional period by modeling those same tools during this one-day training.

Academy Teaming

During this engaging 3-day training—which employs effective instructional strategies to deliver content and develop teaming skills—teams create identity and purpose through production of several deliverables. In the first day, teams create a vision for their ideal team and student graduate that culminates in the posting of team norms and Academy mission statement. On the second day of training, teacher teams will develop Academy and team SMART Goals and create a plan for an Academy-specific event. On the third day, teacher teams lay the foundation for integrating interdisciplinary skills and themed content into daily classroom instruction. The training culminates with each team conducting a mock team meeting.  You can learn more here.

Administrator/Leadership Training

This training will produce the following outcomes for participants:

  • Overview of the academy schedule and the importance of equity for both teachers and students.
  • Selecting and onboarding academy team leaders
  • The importance of student/teacher relationships and activities
  • Facilitating a highly effective team and the role of the administrator
  • Agenda and SMART goal setting
  • Monitoring team performance
  • Public relation ideas

Academy Identity

In this half of a two-part training, academy teams will work together to develop an academy event that builds academy identity through interdisciplinary, standards-based instruction. Academy members will leave the training with a plan for implementing this event. The plan will include: garnering community and parent engagement, connections to the Academy’s unique career theme(s), a calendar for implementation, establishment of roles and responsibilities, and other elements of a successful event that highlights students’ learning and builds community. This training is an outstanding springboard for building an academy identity and culture among teachers, students, and other stakeholders.

Experiential Learning for Teachers

Teacher Externships revolve around career exploration, 21st Century skills, and building team relationships and academy identity.  This training can range from 1.5 to 5 day training. The mini-externship is 1.5 days, and the team externship training lasts 4 to 5 days. The training includes prep and post instruction, and the remaining of the training occurs on-site in a business setting. All teams can participate the same week or this can occur over multiple weeks. If occurring over several weeks, the district could train someone locally to conduct the first and last day of the externship project.

Master Scheduling for Pathways/Academies

The complexities of building an academy master schedule can be overwhelming, especially for those with little or no master scheduling experience. This workshop provides participants with the understanding of how educational philosophy is just as important as planning and process when developing an academy master schedule. The mechanics of building the master schedule for cohort scheduling allowing for common planning time is covered.

Academy Coach Training

This training is for those who will lead the implementation of academies in their schools. They will learn how to serve as liaisons between district, school, business, and civic leaders by developing understanding and appreciation of all critical roles within and without their schools. Academy coaches will learn to work effectively with administration and implementation teams to strategically plan for implementation of academies, with teacher leaders to promote effective teaming and transformational instruction, and with business partners to facilitate high quality business engagement. Academy coaches will lead school-based implementation with the end in mind… NCAC Accreditation through implementation with fidelity to the Ten National Standards of Practice.

Team Leader Training

This training will give teacher leaders tools for leading their teams through inevitable reactions to change. Team Leaders will develop an understanding of the stages of teaming and strategies for building a culture that values continuous improvement. They will learn how to the distribute leadership, in order to empower members and develop a sense of ownership. They will learn about the Team Planning Template and its relationship to the National Standards of Practice. In addition, they will learn to set goals, prioritize them, document progress toward achieving them, and assess their outcomes. They will develop leadership strategies and facilitation skills that will make them effective leaders in their teams.

Freshman Academy Development

Consultancy in developing, implementing, and sustaining Freshman Academies is the scope of this offering. It will include leading a collective group through exploration of the model, showing successful practices that have been implemented in Nashville, and staging and sequencing what a community wants to implement. Documents and videos will be shared as part of the consultancy.