6431236945_330b4ffe50_nThe Hub, along with support from the Chamber of Commerce, manages VIP tours that target politicians, policy makers, real estate sales people, and other community members who are in the position to support and benefit the academies.  These visits provide them with the necessary in-depth knowledge of the academies as well as the impact they have had on MNPS zoned high schools.  Structured like a mini Study Visit, the VIP Tour consists of a presentation and a school tour led by Ambassadors.

The Hub started hosting the VIP Tour in 2014 and has held 5 tours now, bringing in over 165 community members to learn about MNPS and the Academies.

Read about the VIP Tour experience from some of our previous guests below.

This was good and needs to be shared; would love to be involvedSpring 2016 VIP Tour guest
Students were engaged and truly enjoying learning experiences. Very impressive!Fall 2015 VIP Tour guest
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