Upcoming Study Visits:

September 24-26, 2018

Registration for the September 2018 Study Visit is open! 


The Nashville Hub hosts the Academies of Nashville Study Visit to share how Nashville has transformed its high schools into personalized learning communities that offer rigor, relevance, relationships, & readiness for all students.

As a potential partner, it was inspiring to see how I can work with the school district to impact the future of our community.
March 2017 Study Visit Attendee

During the Academies of Nashville Study Visit, participants explore and learn about the strategies, structures, and tactics that are producing real progress in high school reform in Nashville. The agenda is structured to bring a high-level view of the systemic and broad-based transformation taking place in Nashville, including the extensive and deep engagement of the business community in the effort.

The most impactful portion for me was visiting the schools and speaking to kids & teachers about how the Academies are structured. It gave me a gauge regarding the direction I need to take with my academy upon returning to school.
Sept. 2017 Study Visit Attendee

17 Study Visits since 2011

3,771 people have visited

324 communities were represented

39 states have participated

10 UK communities attended


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